Brian Bonar: A Man Of Many Hats

He is a man of many hats– refined, highly intelligent, creative and extremely passionate about each one he wears. He is Brian Bonar of the Dalrada Financial Corporations, where he serves as Chairman and chief executive officer. Bonar‘s 30-years of experience lay in site building and designing, with his favorite areas being administration of contracts, developing designs, administering contracts, and the attainment of funding.Bonar is well-known for being very detail-oriented about the task at hand, and for being sincerely helpful and concerned about customers, partners, clients, and fellow co-workers. He is said to always be 100% committed and dedicated to all the project ideas that cross his desk, and fiercely vows to see each one through to the end.

One of the most prestigious awards one can win in this field of work is The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance, a rare award that is only given to two people of each gender once per year. Not surprisingly, Brian Bonar received this very award based upon all he has accomplished thus far, his ability to lead, and his achievements in academics.Bonar has been a fine leader, and has effortlessly managed a substantial number of benefits for both employees and their employers. Dalrada Financial offers an assortment of business-enhancing programs to keep businesses viable and desirable, both for the market and as incentive for employment. These helpful programs include: fringe benefits, risk management insurance and business management assistance.

Mr. Bonar also works for Smart-Tek Automated Services as both Chairman and Chief Executive, Allegiant Professional Business Service where he serves as President, and Imaging Technologies Corporation as Chief Executive Officer. Recently, Bonar has also begun the process of purchasing Source One Group, a company that assists business with their human resource and payroll departments.In addition to all the above, Brian’s vast array of personal interests and projects include: retail, commercial and family housing, educational programs for children, aviation projects, and even a restaurant chain he owns named Bellamy’s, located in San Diego! He is also planning to turn a nearby untouched, overgrown 144-acre spot of land into a 4-star venue space that will be attached to the restaurant.Indeed, it is each and every single hat that Mr. Bonar wears that continue to refine and mold him into the brilliant, extraordinary, and wondrously multi-faceted man the world has come to love. All those hats combined, with their own layers of unique perspective and expertise, blend together beautifully to make the distinguished Brian Bonar- an entrepreneur of unbelievable, unusual, and monumental accomplishment.