Daniel Taub Now Viewed As Most Popular Israeli Ambassador to UK In Decades

Daniel Taub’s time as a British ambassador set him apart as one of the most influential and popular Israeli envoys of his time. A devout orthodox Jew, Daniel Taub was able to separate his personal beliefs and represent the views of the government he represented in a thought provoking way, boosting his reputation as a respectable ambassador. His ties to his religion are used as bridge building tools that allow him to connect with people across borders of country and religion. He maintained a presence in the British Jewish community by active participation. To Taub, international policy was of utmost importance, and that reached into Britain through the Jewish communities. Through this positive outlook, he feels that silver linings can be seen all over, such as the Jewish communities embracing those who leave Israel as part of their community.

Daniel Taub’s representation of Britain, the country he was born in and immigrated away from, reflects how he see’s his position as ambassador. While he was able to raise his children in their ancestral land, he understands the opportunity he received by being born in Britain. This mutual respect for both countries is seen through his time as an ambassador in his honest attempts to bring the two counties closer together. In many ways he has achieved his goal, and the Jewish communities in Britain agree. Much of the people that make up these communities are sad to see him leave, and feel that his work has in fact brought the two countries closer in relation.

Daniel Taub represents not only the best aspects of the Jewish community, but of the Israeli as a whole. During his time as an ambassador, it was clear that not everybody would agree with his thoughts. Taub did not let this negatively effect him, and was surprised at how civil and willing to listen the average British citizen was, even when the two shared opposing ideals. His kippah was unmentioned by any other diplomatic figures, which goes to show that Daniel Taub was seen as a diplomat regardless of his attire and respected by his peers. Learn more: http://www.daniel-taub.com/