Director Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a well known producer and writer who has the skills and empathy for creating enthralling proportions that have increased over platforms overtime. Different types of the platforms used include digital content, television, and an interactive exhibition. The goal of her projects are to reproduce within extensive crowds on an emotional level.


Currently, Bridget is involved with daily development of international project partners and broadcasters. She wants to create partnerships where she’s able to bring projects to life and really make an impact on individuals.


Just like anyone else, Bridget didn’t start off with success right off the back. Bridget’s first business she ever attempted to open had failed miserably. She had some financial stability issues within the company. Partners that Bridget tried working with were not satisfied with where the business was headed, so they left and tried to start up their own business and get in competition. The partners Bridget used to work with tried falsifying information on social media and saying untrue things. To put the cherry on top, this business was supporting Bridget’s family. It was such a devastating point in her life, because literally everything was lost. She was financially broke at this point in her life with a baby on the way! Bridget’s first attempt at the business operation was a mess, but she never gave up. With the sacrifice and dedication Bridget had, it has all paid off now.


Some important stepping stones in Bridget’s life were from 2008 until 2015. She worked with partners trying to build up a business called Pollen Creative Media. With a little bit of money and patience, she was able to do just that. Her company grew from 5 employees to over a group of 200 and counting companies!


Bridget has a normal life on top of what everything else she does. In her free time she loves to meditate to make sure her mind and spirit are on the same level of togetherness. If she isn’t meditating, she’s tending to her son. Sometimes as people we can get caught up in the mist of things. Bridget makes sure to put more time and effort towards her son because he is what keeps her sane. He makes her remember what is important in life, and that is one of the most basic keys to life. Be grateful for what you do have and remember the things that are important, because not everything is promised tomorrow.


Something we can learn from Bridget’s story is that life takes patience, there are no short cuts, and don’t make excuses. Even though Bridget had hit rock bottom, she kept pushing until she saw the light through the tunnel. She is an inspiration!


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