Dr. Mark Mofid Brings Innovation to the Gluteal Augmentation Industry

For many years, the gluteal augmentation industry has been covered by a lot of negative publicity. This has greatly been attributed to medical failures and accidents that have been happening during cosmetic medical operations. In the quest for changing the bad image of the industry, Dr. Mark Mofid has entered into deep research to find new ways in which the industry can perform its practices in a better and safer way.

Dr. Mofid, in collaboration with some other doctors from the industry, has started the research to improve the way things are done in the industry. One thing that drives Dr. Mofid into the extensive research is the strong belief that he has; that there are a lot of opportunities to improve the future cosmetic operations from the way they have been done in the past.

Since his innovation and research kicked off when he joined the gluteal augmentation industry eight years ago, the number of successful gluteal augmentation operations in America has increased. As we speak, America is almost catching up with Brazil, which is the leader of the gluteal augmentation industry worldwide.

The most common failure cases that have been associated with the gluteal augmentation industry were as a result of the most available implants being generic, destined to sag, and also being incompatible with the muscle structure of the human body. Dr. Mark Mofid felt that it was not only wrong but also unprofessional to continue working with such defective products. He took the initiative to re-examine the available options and tried to innovate new products that were more compatible with human body physiology and also less defective.

After endless hours of design, brainstorming, and research, Dr. Mark Mofid was lucky to announce his eureka moment. He was able to design a gluteal implant that was superior to any other that existed before. This invention, unlike other versions of gluteal implants, is characterized by improved ratios, low profile, superior intramuscular positioning and generally, are more impressive than the older alternatives.

What has followed Dr. Mark Mofid’s innovation is an increase in patients’ confidence and reduction of the worry that by any chance the cosmetic operation could go wrong.