Executive Compensation Expert, Jeremy Goldstein

New Yorkers have a new means through which they can find a competent attorney; this has been accomplished by the LRIS, also known as the Lawyer Referral and Information Service through an online portal. It is aimed at ascertaining that users can save time when looking for an attorney. For those who would prefer other means, the services can also be attained through the telephone. Both of these means provide people with a better chance of attaining professional services without having to waste much time.


Through the service, you will be assured that you are matched with the best available attorney, meaning that you will have an improved chance of winning your case or even getting the required representation. This database, launched by the New York State Bar Association ensures that attorneys too have better means of acquiring clients who need their services. Thus, ensuring that they have lowered the costs.


All you will be required to do is log into the website, https://nysbalris.legal.io, and fill out the available questionnaire. After this step, the state bar staff analyses the questionnaire and matches you to the best attorney. The benefit of these services is that you get to attain an attorney within your state, that is, if it is among the 17 states in which the referral service is available.


About Jeremy L. Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is well known for his involvement in some large corporate transactions, some of which include the United Technologies acquiring Goodrich. More so, Jeremy is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC.


It is a law firm which is aimed at advertising compensation committees, corporate governance matters, management teams, corporations in executive compensation, amongst others. Being amongst the best attorneys within the firm, Jeremy had been able to build up his reputation and that of the firm as well.


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