How Investors Can Create Income From Freedom Checks

One of the financial experts at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali, has been informing people about “Freedom Checks” for the past few months. He started out by introducing an online video where he held up a check in the amount of $114,287. The check looked similar to one you would get from the IRS for a tax refund but it wasn’t issued by any governmental department. After hearing his explanation some people blew it all off as a scam. This was in part due to the nature of the ad which came across to some people as sensationalistic and too enthusiastic. However, what Matt Badiali was talking about is real. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badiali became a financial analyst after having been educated as a geologist. He learned about Freedom Checks a number of years ago and started showing the subscribers of his financial newsletter how they could invest their money in them which can be very profitable. He says he put some of his own money in Kaminak Gold Corporation in 2008 after the global stock market has crashed. When he bought this company’s stock it was worth just $0.06 a share. He sold his stock about a year and a half later for $2.64 a share, or a gain of about 4,400%.

Investing in Freedom Checks take commitment. You make multiple investments in a company and then wait for an eventual payout. These are known as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) which is a form of business partnership that is publically traded and their shares can be bought in the same way as stocks are. People who buy MLPs are the ones who provide the initial capital and that money is used by the general partners of the company who manage the MLP.

MLPs generate good cash flow due to the fact that they distribute all of their available assets back to their shareholders. Entities like this have been around since 1981 and federal laws around them were formed in 1987. They are controlled under statute 26-F and more than 550 businesses now meet this statute’s requirements.

Investors can get started buying MLPs with as little as $10 to start. To start receiving Freedom Checks it doesn’t require that one start with a huge amount of assets. These types of investments are focused on generating an income and that income can be three or more times greater than what the investor is receiving from their social security.



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