How Mike Baur Became A Mover and Shaker In The Startup Industry

Mike Baur spent almost 20 years in Switzerland’s private banking industry, working for some of the biggest names in the country including Sallfort Privatbank AG, Clariden Leu, and UBS Wealth Management. Starting out in the industry, he was a commercial apprentice. By the time he was at Sallfort Privatbank he had attained the rank of an executive board member. In 2014 he decided to leave the world of banking behind and instead help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. The result was Swiss Startup Factory, a startup accelerator that he founded with two business partners.

Launching Swiss Startup Factory when he was 39, Mike Baur was able to access the large investor network he had built up over his career as a banker. This investor network is a partner of his and provide venture capital to the entrepreneurs that are clients of his company. Mike serves as the company’s Executive Chairman as well as a mentor to many of the entrepreneurs using the services of Swiss Startup Factory. The types of entrepreneurs he helps are those that are digital and have ideas for products and services that are disruptive to the industries they’re in.

At Swiss Startup Factory, the entrepreneurs are enrolled in a three-month startup accelerator program. This program provides them with office space, collaboration, business services including payroll and accounting, and other areas that are needed to launch a new company. Mike Baur and other leaders at the company serve as mentors to the entrepreneurs taking part, as well as a large network they have created of entrepreneurs around the world. Additionally, these entrepreneurs get experience developing effective pitches and presentations of their products and services that they can present to the venture capitalist network that Mike Baur created.

There have already been several successful companies that have gone through the accelerator program that Mike Baur and the team at Swiss Startup Factory operate. Among some of the notable companies is Diabird which created an app that helps people with diabetes change their behavior. Another company that Mike Baur served as a mentor to was Strucked which, using a simple drag and drop interface, lets people create their own smartphone games.

Outside of his work, Mike Baur is married and has young children. He is a graduate of the University of Rochester New York, where he earned his MBA. He earned an Executive MBA as well at the University of Berne.