How to achieve personal cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is by far the most critical and crucial measures that an individual or an organization can take to protect their digital life. Cyber threats, as recently investigated have escalated costing billions due to money theft, data destruction, data loss, and embezzlement.


The Government is aware of the severity of these cyber attacks, well depicted in Obama’s administration where it was proposed a $19 billion cybersecurity budget. With the extent of damages emerging from cyber crimes, it’s a necessity for businesses, the government and individuals to invest in cybersecurity protocols (



Personal cybersecurity can be enhanced by several cyber security companies such as Rubica. Rubica is a digital security and privacy company, located in the US and has an elite team of personal cybersecurity experts, who work discreetly behind the app and notify you on noticing any suspicious activities based on your behavioral tendencies. They eliminate the complexity of cybersecurity. All you need to do is install their simple app, and you are set to go.



Rubica’s full cyber security services are structured to ultimately protect all your devices from imminent attacks by internet criminals who collect your personal information and profit from it.


It is paramount to ensure you partner up with a company that can guarantee you personal cyber security, and ultimately save you tons of money.