Hussain Sajwani: Dubai’s Property Market Pioneer

As far as the property market is concerned, Hussain Sajwani is a pioneer and legend, especially in Dubai. Sajwani has made a huge impact on the United Arab Emirate’s real estate industry. The entrepreneur and investor is one of the best at what he does. A statement that can be back up by his many successful forays.


His most famous business venture to date is his founding of global property development company DAMAC Properties. He also functions as the company’s chairman. Sajwani has made the once small startup one of the leading brands in the Middle East’s property market. DAMAC is known for its expertise in developing luxury properties such as condos and five star hotels.


Many businessmen have taken notice of Sajwani due to his accomplishments and amazing track record. Among those is polarizing figure and United States President Donald Trump. Trump has probably drawn more attention to Sajwani than his business ventures ever did. Trump, like everyone else, wanted to begin a business relationship with Sajwani. The two wound up collaborating on a real estate project that led to the creation of two luxury golf courses. The development of the courses was managed by the Trump Organization. The two have become good friends, even vacationing together. These two will likely collaborate on many more business deals.


The DAMAC owner also believes in giving back. Philanthropy is also a passion of Sajwani. DAMAC has helped many children in the community by providing bespoke services. It plans to continue its philanthropy efforts as long as it exists. In 2011, its hospitality division, DAMAC MAison, was established.


The Hussain Sajwani Family


Sajwani grew up in a moderate sized family. He was the first born of his parents’ five children. As the oldest he learned to be responsible early in life. His father inspired him to be an entrepreneur. Today, Sajwani is married and the father of four.


Sajwani has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington.


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