Oncotarget Provides Timely Information to the Medical Community

Oncotarget is a weekly publication of various scientific papers regarding the latest findings in the oncology field and other related areas that pertain to oncology. The purpose is to make the conclusions of the different studies available as quickly as possible for use in the medical field.

While oncology is the primary focus of the effort, other topics on scimagojr.com that relate to oncology are also sought after and encouraged. Such subjects as cardiology, pharmacy, geotarget/aging, immunology/microbiology, endocrinology, mol and cell biology, metabolism, and neuropathology/neuroscience which relate.

Articles and papers are submitted to the Editorial Board of Oncotarget where they are reviewed and formed into their final status for publishing. The evaluations of the materials are done in a peer assessment method which requires that the editors who evaluate are experts in the field of the subject of the article. In this way, it is assured that proper expertise is applied to the subject matter.

The editorial board and Editors-in-Chief are the final authority on the content and merit of the articles at http://www.bioxbio.com/if/html/ONCOTARGET.html. An adequate premise must be presented by the author, and the subject matter must be of a unique nature. The subject must be a discovery of twist on a previous topic that is new with citations of how this conclusion came about. Proof and solid evidence must be presented along with the subject matter.

Editors are careful to be sure that there are adequate uniqueness and factual evidence on LinkedIn in an article in order to be certain that articles on the same topic are not rewritten over and over. There must be a fresh look, or a new premise with certification or proof that a new idea or a unique way of looking at an issue is being introduced.

The main idea of the article must be clearly stated, and then the proofs and citations must be presented in great detail. Otherwise, there is a tendency to simply rehash old ideas. The editors also guard against plagiarism, slander, political slants, defamation, gender bias, race bias, sexual orientation, religious opinions and similar problems that can creep into such articles.

At least two peer editors must evaluate an article, and they must be experts in the field that is being presented. This maintains an expert eye on the subject, otherwise who would be able to ascertain validity?


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