PodcastOne Chairman Norman Pattiz Is Proving That Podcasts Are Effective Marketing Tools

Creativity is one of the most important parts of being an effective marketer. Professionals who are charged with the task of using messaging and various marketing channels to help sell a product must be able to come up with fresh ideas and tactics for getting people to be interested in services and products that the companies that they work for sells to consumers. They must be able to figure out how to translate the values of a brand into a variety of marketing campaigns that are able to gradually convince consumers that buying a particular brand of toothpaste, purchasing a particular kind of vehicle or spending money on tickets for a specific movie is a worthwhile investment for them.


Marketers have more ways than they have ever had to reach consumers. They can advertise within various apps, place ads in front of Youtube videos about a cute cat playing the piano that have gone viral or they can purchase ads on a podcast that explores a topic such as a true crime story. While marketers must be able to be creative in order convince an audience to spend their money on the things that they are trying to sell them they also have to pay attention to things such as the data and statistics that are generated about how effective their marketing campaigns actually are (http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=313830&privcapId=308417164). Creative and imaginative ideas are needed in order to fuel a marketing campaign but marketers must look at statistics that are generated about how impactful their marketing tactics actually were and make future decisions about how to craft their marketing messages based on that information.


When it comes to marketers who are interested in placing ads on various podcasts there has not necessarily been a lot of precise information about how consumers actually interact with the ads that companies place on podcasts. Marketers are probably more familiar with older forms of advertising such as ads that are placed in between television programs or on radio and how those ads perform with the people who interact with them. But because the ability to advertise on podcasts is relatively new some marketers might not necessarily be familiar with how these ads perform with consumers. The Executive Chairman of PodcastOne Norman Pattiz has partnered with Edison Research to produce research about podcast ads that many marketers will likely find to be very useful. The study that Norman Pattiz’s company partnered with Edison Research to conduct found that consumers were more likely to have positive views of a product after learning about it on a podcast and that podcast ads improved their ability to recall the name of a brand.