Samuel Strauch Details

Samuel Strauch, after attending school at Harvard, began his own company that is a Florida based real estate agency.

Samuel Strauch started the company Metrik Real Estate. He creates a good environment for his staff by taking them on trips that cement good relationships and learn about each other to ensure total comfort. He is one of the best real estate in Miami.


Samuel Strauch’s hobbies include photography and art. Samuel Strauch is known for saying “happiness is one of the most important things in life”. He believes if you are not satisfied you will not do well in your personal life or career. It is important to give just as much as you believe you should receive. He does not exclude his workers from his philosophies, instilling in them the qualities of giving back and social responsibilities.

Strauch seems to want a healthy, happy community that gives back to each other. He embraces change and the next generations take on business, and believes everyone must strive to collaborate so noticeable results can be achieved. His use of innovative principles has let his company connect with themselves and all around them so their platform can extend the furthest. Their management of properties is a tool to have on your side when entering the arena.

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