Securus Technologies Helping catch Wanted Fugitives

Part of my job as head of our local fugitive task force is to be on the lookout for any new leads through associates, informants, and even through connections with other inmates. We had a real problem on our hands because a local murderer serving life was able to get out of the prison during a severe power outage. By the time they realize he was gone, he had a few hours head start and a perimeter would have been useless to nab him.


When I rushed to the jail to do some investigative work, one of the corrections officers told me about the new Securus Technologies inmate phone system they were using. He told me about the LBS software, and how his team uses the system to find drugs, weapons, and even locate fugitives. I’ve heard about Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, and I know that he and his 1,000 employees all work towards the same objective of keeping the world a safer place.


Now that I was familiar with the LBS software and know what we could expect, I decided to see if we could get any leads on what happened to our suspect. It didn’t take very long for the cover alert feature to go off and give me a heads up on a new lead. Seems that one of the associates of the suspect was inquiring if the family member he called was able to pick-up the package without issue.


Once we determined the inmate and his family may be connected, we began surveillance on a home and it yielded results that night. They were harboring the fugitive until the heat does down. little did they know their own family pointed us right to the location where the suspect was hiding out until they could take him to the border.