Securus Technologies, The Creation of Wireless Containment Units and Acquisition of J-Pay

Living in a world where inmates call hits from within prison compounds using contraband devices isn’t ideal, neither is it welcome. To ensure more secure jails with better monitoring facilities, Securus Technologies took the initiative of developing wireless containment units that can not only monitor calls being made from within correction facilities while using cell phones but also bar outgoing and incoming calls.



This move was made by Securus Technologies along with the expertise of Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer who was gunned and shot in his own home. Robert Johnson who survived the incident with multiple surgeries and scars wanted to use his personal experience as well as the events of other victims to help build these futuristic technology-based devices.



As a result of creating these devices and using them within a total of 8 facilities in the country so far, excellent results have been noticed in a very short span of time. Over 1.7 million calls have been restricted from being dialed out of prisons by inmates, and millions of monitored calls have helped in the seizing of contraband and illegal items in jails. Three prisons in Florida have eagerly embraced the use of these units, with many others planning to make use of the benefits these devices offer.



Some of the prisons that have chosen to utilize these devices posted comments meant for Securus Technologies that elaborated on the usefulness of these systems to monitor calls between staff members who were caught trading and supplying illegal items to inmates. A few other prisons posted comments to Securus Technologies about the efficacy of these units, and the immense potential they have shown to stop calls from being made mainly to harm civilians. The Wireless Containment Systems have cost an initial investment of over $40 million while showing excellent results on a continual basis.



Securus Technologies also made another stride towards implementing better public safety and stronger prisons by acquiring J-Pay, and this merger has helped bring better payment, security, communication and other types of technology to the management of jails within the country. Securus Technologies was recently awarded an accolade by the Better Business Bureau due to their continuous efforts to help prisons all while maintaining transparency of operations and providing real facts to clients. Honest advertisements while promoting their business as well as other practices such as opening a contact center with a first call resolution of 99 percent made this company, the leading choice for this accolade.