The New HuffPost Meets Talk Fusion’s Expectations

As a professional in Video Marketing, Bob Reina is bringing immeasurable value to modern media. Reina is the CEO of Talk Fusion, a Digital Marketing platform for businesses around the globe. The company is an innovative provider of tools to attract audiences through modern means. The prevalence of smart technology and on-demand entertainment has opened new doors for advertisements while sending others to their graves. Talk Fusion is ahead of the curve with the large team of professionals ready to aide a business with effective marketing tools.

Reina has been a contributor to The Huffington Post since 2016. With a well-thought rebranding initiative, the new HuffPost has changed their content focus to the little guys with big ideas. The timing of their public change came one day after Reina’s article regarding the digital audience. The piece is relevant to any online presence. The prospect of identifying and catering to the desires of those who support a business is critical for development and success. Learn more:

Talk Fusion places tremendous value on community and culture, which is exactly the impression the new HuffPost intends to involve. With the rethought brand, Reina is confident that the direction is not only healthy but beneficial to the masses. As a powerhouse platform, HuffPost is now catering to the masses from a different perspective. A more practical perspective which appeals to a broader audience. Moving away from the structure of primary news outlets is necessary ( This new focus is innovating and refreshing. The transition is proof of the ever-evolving market that Talk Fusion has built itself upon.